What We Are About


Brandon Harmon

Build the Tribe

Brandon Harmon

Brandon Harmon husband, father, brother and friend. Brandon is an inspiring role-model who epitomizes the definition of hard work and always leads from the front. Brandon 's time in the USAF helped him hone his skills in hardwork but also understand what it means to build a team to gain success.


Dennis Pettit

Build the Tribe

Brandon Harmon

Dennis Pettit  husband, father, brother and friend. Dennis is a motivating mentor who takes pride building others up. Dennis served in the USAF through Active Duty, Reserves and Air National Guard. His worldwide experiences solidified his desires to be a pillar of support for others. 


Build the Tribe

Build the Tribe

Build the Tribe

We are not alone in the challenges we face; our stories, memories and experiences are different but being a part of something bigger than one’s self is desired by many. In understanding this Sanity Checks were developed to provide a relationship building experience, enabling people to gather resources for future use or personal mental/physical relief. 

Our Core Values



Honor to Serve. It Honor2Serve2's honor to serve our community, our peers, our families in making a positive impact on in today's society.



Courage to offer and/or ask for support. It takes courage to ask anyone if he/she needs help. It takes courage to ask for help. Honor2Serve2 makes every effort to support anyone needing help. 



Strength in numbers. Honor2Serve2 is only as strong as our community of volunteers. The more we are involved in the community the greater our strength. 


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